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Working hours

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30th of April - 29th of May 20222pm9pmSaturday, Sunday
30th of May 20222pm9pmMonday
04th of June - 12th of July 20223pm9pmSaturday, Sunday
16th of June - 19th of June 20223pm9pmThursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
22nd of June - 26th of June3pm9pmWednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
27th of June - 29th of June 2022.3pm9pmMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday

01st of July - 14th of July 20224pm10pmMonday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
15th of July - 15th of August 20224pm10:30pmMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
15th of July - 15th of August 20224pm10pmFriday, Saturday, Sunday
16th of August - 22nd of August 20224pm10pmMonday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
23rd of August - 24th of August 20224pm10pmTuesday, Wednesday
26th of August - 28th of August 20224pm10pmFriday, Saturday, Sunday

29th of August - 30th of August 20223pm9pmMonday, Tuesday
01st of September 20221pm8pmThursday
02nd of September - 04th of September 20222pm8pmFriday
6th of September 20222pm8pmTuesday
8th of September 20222pm8pmThursday
10th of September - 11th of September 20222pm8pmSaturday, Sunday
13th of September 20222pm8pmTuesday
17th of September - 25th of September 20221pm8pmThursday

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