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Would you like to return to your childhood for at least a minute ?! Carousel is a place that awakens the child in you, it is symbol of game and playful spirit, a place where your ride horses that spin in circle and where you can be free from all your cares from everyday life.…

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Bumper cars

You don’t have a driver’s license? Let this not be a problem for you because while you are in Fun park Biograd you can ride, chase and collide. Choose a car of your favorite color … Or maybe the mixed color cars are faster? Hm … Maybe, try all the combinations. Be cautious and ready…

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House of Horror

Such a house of horrors you have never seen before, with live actors and true ghosts (we’re kidding) in the darkened halls of the house. But that’s not all … You are an active participant in an unresolved mystery that no one has the answer to. Maybe your are the one who will find the…

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Pirate battle

Are you ready for the biggest pirate battle on the water? Our ships readily wait for its crew. Become the Chief Pirate in the Pirate Bay! Sail in our bay, but WATCH OUT, the dangers are lurking from the land! Who will stay dry in the fight of water cannons? Dump yourself, embark on a…

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Pirate ship by Cedevita

Experience the rush of a revolted pirate ship that seems to be between two great ocean waves and rising again. Hold on tight for a boat and enjoy a ride that is not for sensitive stomach people. Or maybe it is! Test your limits!

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Indian Canoe

Hey little ones, we have the Pirate Ship version, with as much fun as the bigger original, designed just for your, that is, our youngest visitors. Relax and enjoy this challenging ride on our yellow-orange boat.

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Western express

In the Wild West, you would not believe, our Western Express is also driving. A small train that goes over rugged terrain and through a tunnel built by hardworking miners. Find your place in the wagon and enjoy the Wild West scenes at Fun Park Biograd.

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Mine train coaster

Happy yellow train is designed as a smaller version of the rollercoaster that entertains our smallest visitors, but do not be fooled because many of our adult visitors do not want to sit here when they see it coming into the curves and climbing and descending at a fast pace. Our smallest visitors are at…

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